Fast Weight Loss Diet in 2018 ( Listen To Her. Why She Is Sexier Now? )

Download Your E-Book From Here: Fast Weight Loss Diet in 2018 ( Listen To Her. Why She Is Sexier Now? ) is a review video HOW TO GET THIN As I’ve pointed out, the fastest and easiest way to lose weight is to stop using dietary carbohydrates for energy and to start burning our own body fat instead. Once you restrict carbohydrates from your diet (and keep protein intake up), your body has absolutely no choice but to break down and burn body fat for the fuel it needs. Fast Weight Loss Diet When your fat cells begin breaking down those stubborn triglycerides (the stored, stubborn body fat that is stuck inside the fat cells) and releases those fatty acids back into the bloodstream to be used for energy, your fat cells get smaller…and so do you! You will be truly amazed at just how much fat you will burn once you restrict carbohydrates from your diet. Remember, your body needs fuel all day long… It needs fuel to blink, think, talk and walk… It needs fuel for everything you do. On The 3 Week Diet, we will use nothing but stored, gooey body fat to keep us going. Fast Weight Loss Diet Losing weight on The 3 Week Diet is a matter of strategic eating—it’s a combination of reduced carbohydrates and eating very specific types of proteins and fats that are consumed in the appropriate amounts at just the right time. This diet alone will produce amazing weight loss. However, by following The 3 Week Diet exercise program, we can nearly double our weight loss goals, while obtaining some very favorable body composition changes. DIET OVERVIEW Following The 3 Week Diet typically results in body fat losses of 3/4 to 1 pound of fat every day. When you add The 3 Week Workout to the diet, fat loss is typically over 1 pound per day. Because of this, you will start to see some nice progress in just a couple of days after starting. In following this diet without deviation, I have yet to find anyone not being able to lose at least 10 pounds in the 21 day period. During my trial of this diet—before ever releasing it publicly—I lost 23 lbs in 21 days. It truly was nothing short of miraculous… and I have been excited to share this breakthrough ever since. The 3 Week Diet is similar to a Protein Sparing Modified Fast, in that we will “trick” the body into entering a 24/7 fat-burning “starvation” mode, while we provide it with the appropriate amount of protein that it needs so that lean body mass is spared… not to mention the added thermic effect of digesting that protein. In addition to carbohydrate restriction and strategic protein consumption, we will add quality, healthy fats to enhance our fat-burning goals. While carbohydrates are NOT essential to the human body, we cannot live without Fast Weight Loss Diet protein and fat. Interestingly, we could eat all the carbohydrates we wanted and could still die of starvation if we did not have fat and protein in our diet. We restrict carbohydrates in this diet because it immediately stops adding to the fat cells we already have AND it forces our bodies to burn fat for all of our daily energy needs. We limit the fat in this diet to EFAs (essential fatty acids) and the trace amounts of fat in the allowed foods. Limiting (but not completely eliminating) fat will force our bodies to burn stored fat rather than to use dietary fat (the fat we eat) for our energy needs. Keep in mind that our bodies do need a certain amount of fat every day for proper functioning. However, your body doesn’t care if it gets the fat from your diet or from the fat stored on your hips, thighs, belly and butt. So, we will give your body the kind of fat it loves and needs in the form of EFAs.